An Advent Journey FAMTIMEbox


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Take your family on a journey through the Advent season this Christmas! These four special activities (and bonus activity for after Christmas) will bring rich meaning and fun memories. PLUS, get to know missionaries on various journeys and pray for them as a family each week! This FAMTIME Box includes the activity book, set of 25 Christmas countdown cards, and supplies you’ll need to do the activities along with the activity book!

Boxes are scheduled to ship the week before Thanksgiving!

Out of stock



Take your family on a journey through this Advent season with Family Time! This Family Advent Guide includes an activity for each week during Advent plus a bonus activity as you end the year. Each week you will explore the journey God takes His people on – in the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus Christ, with missionaries today, and in your own lives.

Includes the activity book, set of 25 Christmas countdown cards PLUS the supplies you need to make having Family Time each week a holly, jolly good time!

Supplies include:

key and corresponding lock


fancy ring 



MYO “coupons”

masking tape


cardstock labeled “Our Town”

2 different colored highlighters

paper and pen/pencil

index cards


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